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Here’s How Hotels Are Improving With QR Codes

Updated: 23 May 2023

Published: 23 May 2023

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We’ve come a very long way since the key was invented. In this age of iris scanning, is there room for BYOD and the QR code as an affordable, scalable solution?

In the world of luxury and even the more straightforward hotels, ensuring guests feel secure and at home is a non-negotiable aspect. Continuously seeking ways to improve services and customer satisfaction is an ongoing process, with new systems tested and, where necessary, discarded.

From contactless check-ins to digital room keys and interactive menus, QR codes have become tools for enhancing the hotel guest’s experience.

Let’s take a look into how hotels are leveraging QR codes to enhance their services.

Skip The Check-In Line

Long gone are the days of enduring extensive check-in lines and dealing with cumbersome paperwork. Hotels are making a gradual but definitive shift towards introducing contactless check-ins. They’ll send you a QR code in advance, which you can easily scan upon your arrival, either at a kiosk or using the hotel’s mobile app to gain access to your room.

The technology behind this innovation is impressive, but the real advantage is the time saved and the reduced need for physical contact. In today’s post-Covid world, this is especially significant.

Digital Room Keys

Key cards can be a hassle to keep track of, and the process of replacing them when lost can be time-consuming. This is where QR code room keys step in to enhance another aspect of the hotel experience. These digital keys can be accessed via a smartphone app for added convenience, and they offer a high level of security. If you happen to misplace your phone, the key can be quickly deactivated and replaced, ensuring your safety during your stay.

Digital Menus

Say goodbye to bulky paper menus and the occasional mix-up in your order. Restaurants and hotel room service have fully embraced the convenience that QR code menus offer. With a simple scan, guests gain instant access to the menu and have the option to place orders directly through the app, making the dining experience more efficient.

This also has a positive impact on the environment by reducing printing costs, making it a win-win situation. Orders are sent directly to the kitchen, minimizing the chances of errors and mix-ups.

The Future of Hotels
Embracing QR Codes for Enhanced Guest Services QR codes has made a significant impact on customer experience and services in the hotel industry. They not only streamline operations and reduce wait times but, most importantly, minimize the need for in-person interactions.

These features are pivotal for guest satisfaction and loyalty. Hotels that embrace these technologies stand out as forward-thinking and tech-savvy, catering to guests seeking convenience during their stay. It’s essential to adopt these smart solutions sooner rather than later. The hotel industry is using QR codes to take the guest’s experience to the next level by introducing contactless check-ins, secure digital room keys, and convenient dining experiences. QR codes prove to be powerful tools in making services efficient and secure.

Embrace these smart solutions to meet and exceed your patrons’ expectations, providing a more enjoyable experience for them. Remember, the future of hotels is digital, and QR codes are leading the way.

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